Neues Produkt: My DV Cast

Neues Produkt: My DV Cast

Das neue Produkt “my DV cast” von CombiTronics wird schon auf der Webseite beworben. In der Facebookgruppe “my DV cast” sind Bilder des Prototypen bei einer amerikanischen Messe vorhanden.

Zur Webseite des Herstellers zum Gerät: my DV cast

Laut Facebook Post ist der aktuelle Status:

Here is a quick heads-up on the progress of the manufacturing:
– Housing; ordered, comes in this week and needs powder coating
– Mainboard; has been delivered for assembly on SMD-level. Waiting for the units to come in.
– Firmware; We are working on the last item in C4FM so all will be in: D-star, DMR, and C4FM.
– Front grille and button for the unit are being produced now, and some stock is there.
– Front PCB is assembled for the first units to be built.
– Nextions are in Stock
– Speakers are in stock and will be built in the special bracket this week.
– Nanopi is in stock for the units, incl the cards.
– Front-panel-prints are ready for use.

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Bilderquelle: Gruppe my DV cast

Ich bin auf erste Berichte nach Auslieferungsbeginn gespannt.

Vy 73 de Hans-Jürgen Marx